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Extensive list of beer choices! Great rotating drafts, and loads of sours and ipas to choose from. Food never disappoints, great sandwiches and hearty portions. Always love coming here.
Auburn Smith via - Sep 24, 2020
Fair ... read more
Timothy Hall via - Sep 21, 2020
The food was great and the service was amazing. Both sandwiches were great and the dessert was absolutely positively ridiculously delicious.
Esteban Morales III via - Sep 20, 2020
My second time here! I love the food! The seafood bisque is wonderful! My Rueben was perfect! I shared a piece of Peanut butter pie, with friends, it was creamy and delicious! The restaurant was very clean, and they were practicing social distancing very well.
Lisa J. Gifford via - Sep 19, 2020
Great cakes $5 Sunday is a religion at my house ... read more
Ronnie Thomas via - Sep 16, 2020
Great service and good food. The strawberry cake was delicious and it was a giant slice.
chris t via - Sep 15, 2020
Been going for years. The red velvet cake is absolutely amazing! My second favorite is peanut butter pie. You can never eat the slices Its lasts 3 days or more ... read more
andraes Johnson via - Sep 15, 2020
Yummy food and desserts! Cute atmosphere and in a scenic area.
Taylor Blackburn via - Sep 14, 2020
100% try this place. I can not believe the astronomical size of this slice of cake! I ordered delivery so only had a description to go off of. I got a sandwich which was great, but the cake OMG it's huge. Literally could give it 5 stats just in size and price alone.... But it's also delicious!!! I ordered the velvet delight, a red ve ... read more
Laura Grano via - Sep 12, 2020
My favorite place to eat in Augusta!!
Dannii golds via - Sep 11, 2020
Delicious dessert ... read more
Chelli Chelle via - Sep 7, 2020
Cakes are delicious! I cannot speak on their regular food, but their cakes are amazing! We've tried most of them now and have enjoyed them all. They give you a large serving, very shareable! Moist cake, layered nicely, some even with a cheesecake layer, and yummy frosting. Would highly recommend Boll Weevil for dessert for anyon ... read more
JaMac via - Sep 7, 2020
Just tried this place in charming Augusta. Worth the trip alone for the interesting historical building but I had the Curious George and it was amazing. Turkey, not the slimy kind but yummy Boars head. Provolone and spinach dip on very soft honey wheat bread.
Marcy Lopez via - Sep 5, 2020
Good food and great service. Desserts are amazing.
Mitzi Gizmo via - Sep 5, 2020
Great food, great service at a great price.
Roger Pinion via - Sep 3, 2020
I ate here once, over 8 years ago, and I STILL think about it; this place is literally that good. If you are in Augusta, stop what you are doing and go eat here, right away.
Blake Reeder via - Sep 2, 2020
Delicious cake ... read more
5th Street Marina via - Sep 1, 2020
Vast selection of craft beers and a great cider too!
foxen Vine via - Sep 1, 2020
Date nite
Ate here for a date nite, the food was AMAZING ! Our server, Rebecca, was equally amazing. Great dining experience, the amount & quality of the food plus the price makes this an fantastic dining destination.
ricky706971 via - Sep 1, 2020
Are you Curious George?
Just tried this place in charming Augusta. Worth the trip alone for the interesting historical building but I had the Curious George and it was amazing. Turkey, not the slimy kind but yummy Boars head. Provolone and spinach dip on very soft honey wheat bread....More ... read more
runnerlori via - Aug 31, 2020
With a group of 5, everyone's food was great, and the waitress was very friendly! Except for my wife's seafood bisque wasn't very thick like normal bisques and needed more seasoning. She also only got 2 crackers with it, and she would have preferred more.
Kenneth Bassett via - Aug 29, 2020
Wanna make me happy go here food odee good yummy ... read more
Patricia Roach via - Aug 27, 2020
I celebrated my birthday yesterday in this fine place. Well it was a sensational evening and the place was surely one of the reasons for the strong event. The waiters collaborated in a lovely manner, the food was yummy and my guests were very cheerful. We shall definitely return for more celebrations. Thank you very much.
Jermaine Santos via - Aug 27, 2020
The staff was very friendly. Even though we came close to closing, I didn't notice that we had held them up until we were done. Boll Wevill makes my Top 5 for best desserts in the Augusta area. I've enjoyed the 7th heaven cake, banana chocolate chip cake, perfect chocolate cake, and the Coffee Toffee Cake. really like it ... read more
Hidden Valley Ortho via - Aug 25, 2020
Amazing customer service for the win! Today at work we ordered out for lunch. We had a pretty large order (8 different items plus 4 deserts). The person that took our order was having a little bit of a hard time hearing what we were ordering but was asking for us to repeat it. When we picked up the order 1 item came wrong and they ... read more
LISA Spears via - Aug 25, 2020
The food was delicious. The chocolate and carrot cakes were almost as they were pre-covid. They were slightly off but still tasty.
R. G. via - Aug 23, 2020
Not well organized but excellent ...
Not well organized but excellent cake and tasty food. When we went, they had closed their takeout room (didn't ask why) so the waiting area was congested but everyone was complying with the mask policy. This arrangement was moving much slower than their traditional dedicated cake take out process.

The 12 min wait wasn't bad fo
... read more
Ja M. via - Aug 21, 2020
Too expensive. The food was not that good for the price and there was not enough on the plate. More fries, not alot of the seafood. Hardly messed your mouth up!!!
susansuejac0523 via - Aug 20, 2020
Amazing cake, worth the price, good food.
Alicia Stevens via - Aug 18, 2020
Dinner here was as good as I remembered. The menu is a little sparse, and there was a wait. The food was great and the bacon was crisp on my fried green blt. The dessert cakes are magnificent. We tried the red velvet and the chocolate banana cream and bit were superb. Kinda rich, so I saved a bunch for later.
Mann Shana via - Aug 18, 2020
Best Dessert in town
I love this place!!! I always go anytime I am traveling near GA. The cake is always moist! I wish they did wedding cakes!! My favorite cakes are the humming bird, and tropical one! Delicious!
ilandbrown via - Aug 17, 2020
Want as good as my last visit , cake was kind of hard.
BEAUTIFULLY MADE via - Aug 16, 2020
Quick, friendly service that has the best cakes in the CSRA.
DeWanna Jordan via - Aug 16, 2020
Great food, fantastic deserts ... read more
virgil arnett via - Aug 15, 2020
The best cakes and sandwiches around, also the pasta is great ... read more
OG SpOOk LOC via - Aug 14, 2020
Loved the atmosphere, the food, and the service!
Annette Briggs-Myers via - Aug 13, 2020
Food and customer service was great!!
Harry Desile via - Aug 12, 2020
Ridiculous desserts! Our place to get a sweet treat in Augusta ... read more
Robert Schneider via - Aug 10, 2020
Amazing food and some of the best cakes in town ... read more
eric jones via - Aug 10, 2020
Wonderful food.....had to eat outside which was great ... read more
George Dixon via - Aug 6, 2020
A hidden gem, this restaurant is a great taste of downtown Augusta. Even during these times of COVID, my food was delicious, hot, and still had great presentation in the to-go plates that I ordered. You definitely get your money's worth of food too. I look forward to coming back.
Alicia Parsons via - Aug 5, 2020
Cheesecake was so yummy!  Girls ...
Cheesecake was so yummy!  Girls at the bar were very helpful and they had a great selection of dark beers which we love!
Christina G. via - Aug 3, 2020
Lovely place that has an amazing ambient. The coffee is delicious and the desserts are always homemade , tasty and fresh. The service is excellent , staff is friendly and the prices are fair.
Benedetto Latessa via - Aug 2, 2020
We don't go as often as we would ...
We don't go as often as we would like, but have never had a bad experience. This is a great place to eat and socialize.
Mikey W. via - Aug 2, 2020
The food was delicious! I also ...
The food was delicious! I also had their red velvet cheesecake which was also delicious and the slices are rather big which makes the price understandable. The server was friendly and masked. I would definitely choose to return. It's an ideal location to meet with friends, especially if you're exploring downtown Augusta!
Lena P. via - Jul 31, 2020
Great little seafood restaurant in historic district of Augusta. Reasonable prices great food. Oysters on the half shell was Great!
James Holmes via - Jul 26, 2020
Cake is to die for!
Rachel Davis via - Jul 24, 2020
The absolute BEST CAKE in the CSRA ...
The absolute BEST CAKE in the CSRA. The cake slices are huge and glorious. The flavors are well-balanced. Red velvet is a family favorite. We also enjoy the peanut butter pie but it's too rich to eat in one sitting -- unless you share! 7th Heaven is a chocolate-lover's dream. Do yourself a favor and go grab a slice of your favorite f ... read more
Mary C. via - Jul 21, 2020
I recommend this business. The food is good, prices are slightly higher than expected. Very helpful staff. Still, i plan to return in the future.
Frank Davis via - Jul 20, 2020
OH. MY. LAWD. Best cheesecake I ...
OH. MY. LAWD. Best cheesecake I have ever tasted!! I ordered the whole oreo cheesecake and oh my lord thee best cheesecake, after a hour of bringing it home to 5 people it was gone in an hour!! My tastebuds went on a journey through a chocolatie adventure with that cream cheese oreo forest! I would totally recommend this to anyone wh ... read more
Ian W. via - Jul 16, 2020
We had a delicious lunch yesterday ...
We had a delicious lunch yesterday - best sandwiches we've ever eaten! My husband had the Southern Gent with turkey and I had the Italian. Our waitress was excellent and offered great recommendations. We took a slice of the coffee toffee cake home. It was perfect and enough for 4 people. We'll definitely be back.
Debbie C. via - Jul 14, 2020
Collard green and black bean soup...NEED I SAY MORE 😍😍😍😋😋😋 ... read more
Luckyee Simpson via - Jul 11, 2020
Good vibes and a good time. Never felt rushed and just had the best service and choice of beers.
logan minniear via - Jul 11, 2020
Love Boll Weevil!!
Brandon Palmer via - Jul 9, 2020
Delicious sandwiches and cake!
Breland Smith via - Jul 9, 2020
The Ruben sandwich was awesome, as well as the pasta salad. They had gluten free options for my daughter in law. Nice history about the building and restaurant.
Debbie Brooks via - Jul 8, 2020
Not the most organized of dessert walk ups, but delicious.
Carl Kuby via - Jul 5, 2020
Huge cakes. All delicious. If you go just for dessert, there's a to-go area where you walk straight up to the cases full of cake and cheesecake. We enjoyed slices of the hummingbird cake, perfect chocolate cake, and 7th heaven. Staff helped us decide between the numerous and wonderful options.
Filip Plowman via - Jul 5, 2020
A slice of creamy cheesecake heaven with a thick layer of chocolate between the cheesecake and crust. The crust is crunchy, with chunks of pecans; the top is covered with thick drizzles of chocolate, caramel, and more pecans. Seriously delicious!
Toby Mcmahon via - Jul 4, 2020
Our go-to place for cake ... read more
Tisha Ayers via - Jul 3, 2020
Great food and atmosphere ... read more
dave harms via - Jul 1, 2020
Boll Wevill makes my Top 5 for best desserts in the Augusta area. I've enjoyed the 7th heaven cake, banana chocolate chip cake, perfect chocolate cake, and the Coffee Toffee Cake. Their menu descriptions are on point and while all of these are delicious. Highly recommend.
Joseph Ward via - Jul 1, 2020
Confectionery indulgences of epic portions. Seriously the cake "slices" are enormous. Perfect to share, like for an after dinner date...
B Frick via - Jun 30, 2020
Only went there for cake, but o ...
Only went there for cake, but o my. The Chocolate cake was heaven and the slice was huge. Will be getting a whole cake here for my birthday for sure!
Kimberly P. via - Jun 30, 2020
A must go to when you are in Augusta. Go with a bowl of their Chili or the Pimento Cheese Burger. It's to die for. Great little local favorite.
Tammy Duckworth via - Jun 28, 2020
Cool History behind the restaurant ...
Cool History behind the restaurant. No matter if you're a local, traveling through, or are looking for a new hangout/brunch/CAKE spot. We will get to the cake later. This is the place to try.
The Boil Weevil is tucked away just before the Savannah River downtown. A constant rotation of craft beers complete with made to order meal
... read more
Montana E. via - Jun 28, 2020
Yes awesome food and portions ... read more
Ruth Hendrix via - Jun 27, 2020
We found this café while searching for desserts, and it was just too good for that purpose. Not only did the menu have a wide variety of desserts (everything from peanut butter to chocolate to lemon flavored cakes and pies), but they also had a nice selection of IPAs.
andy tho via - Jun 23, 2020
The cake says it all
Dinner here was as good as I remembered. The menu is a little sparse, and there was a wait. The food was great and the bacon was crisp on my fried green blt. The dessert cakes are magnificent. We tried the red velvet and the...More ... read more
durwoodn via - Jun 22, 2020
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